RimWorld (2013) [RUS,ENG] [ALPHA]

RimWorld (2013) [RUS,ENG] [ALPHA]

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Полный обзор

Разработчик:  Ludeon Studios
Издатель:  Ludeon Studios
Год: 2013
Тип издания: ALPHA [ALPHA]
Таблетка: Не требуется
Версия: alpha 10f v.0.10.785 rev871
Язык интерфейса: RUS,ENG(MULTI)
Язык озвучки: -


RimWorld - научно-фантастический симулятор колонии, в котором Вы будете управлять горсткой людей, которые выжили после крушения лайнера на неизвестной планете, теперь им предстоит выжить и здесь. Управлять своими подопечными Вы будете не напрямую, а на манер Dwarf Fortress - раздавая приказы. В ходе Вашей игры Вам предстоит принять множество решений и быть готовым к неожиданным событиям, которые Вам приготовила игра. 

За рандомность событий отвечает модифицированный «AI Storyteller», известный игрокам ИИ использовавшийся в серии Left for Dead. «AI Storyteller» подстраивается под Ваш стиль игры и генерирует интересные события. Поэтому не ждите одинаковых ситуаций, игра постоянно будет преподносить сюрпризы и удивлять. 

"Я всегда считал лучшей частью таких игр, как Dwarf Fortress и The Sims, были истории, которые появлялись в процессе игры. Вот почему RimWorld создавался как генератор историй. Эта игра не о том как победить или проиграть - а о драме, трагедии и комедии, которые происходят в твоей колонии." - говорит Tynan Sylvester. 

Любителям Dwarf Fortress и Prison Architect не стоит проходить мимо!

Читать обязательно! Важная информация, русификация, полезные ссылки:
Важно! Путь к папке с игрой не должен содержать русских букв. 

Язык по-умолчанию английский. Меняется в настройках.




Hotfixed to Alpha10e (updated to Alpha10f)
Reworked apparel optimization AI. Now they very much prefer wearing anything over wearing nothing (so they don’t walk around naked with clothes on the floor), and have a lower threshold of quality difference to replace apparel.
Optimized fire significantly so large fires won’t slow down your computer as much.
Some very minor fixes. 

Hotfixed to Alpha10d
Fixed and rebalanced prisoner recruiting: Prisoners no longer get cabin fever and no longer have a joy need (until we get support for proper prison complexes). They can be recruited at any mood over 35% (though the chance may be very low).
Fixed a units change bug that caused 40% of enemies to flee after taking one hit, and other enemies to never flee. Now the flee properly with individual health thresholds again.
Fixed PawnName parsing so pawns with apostrophes in their names will work.
Cleaned up and robustified the AI with regards to finding a space to stand next to medical beds. Abolished the “medical bed needs headspace” alert as it’s no longer needed.
Fixed a bug that caused colonists to get stuck switching apparel over and over given certain weather conditions and combinations of apparel (they were considering the needed warmth in relation to their own current apparel instead of in relation to their absolute naked needs).
Fixed a bug that would crash the UI if colonists hauled a sculpture or TV while the player was selecting an install location.
Fixed bug that caused pawns to sometimes teleport to the bottom left corner of the map.
Fixed the needs tab not displaying on animals if a human was never previously selected with the needs tab.
Fixed a bug that caused colonists to spaz out around the billiards table when they reached full joy instead of just ending the job.
Some minor storyteller tuning.
Some minor typo fixes in game text. 

Hotfixed to Alpha10c
Changes to speed up pacing: reduced building costs, start with more steel, a colonist will join reasonably early (on Cassandra or Phoebe). Recruiting is slightly easier. Joy tolerance is gained slower.
You’ll get a letter when an animal goes insane due to taking damage. Also, the chance of this happening is reduced.
Colonists will stand away from boomrats while executing them.
Joy-related thoughts are broken up more finely and balanced.
Planning designation has dark outline for easy visibility.
Trees are still sowable, but it takes a lot of time to sow them.
Bugfix: Colonists will no longer get stuck if you put a blueprint under a hopper and they try to fill it.
Bugfix: Colonists no longer relax socially in prisons.
Bugfix: Cooks will no longer make more meals than requested in the “do until you have X” bill repeat mode.
Bugfix: Unpowered lamps will no longer start glowing after being destroyed. 

Hotfixed to Alpha10b:
Substantially increased the speed of joy gain.
Door locking is really door forbidding, so it happens instantly again and does not require colonist interaction.
Trees are sowable again.
The first enemy raider will never flee (makes him easier to capture).
Colonist names can now include numerals.
Fixed colonist outfit apparel search so colonists with guns will not take personal shields.
Improved colonist outfit apparel selection in general.
Some other smaller fixes. 

RimWorld Alpha 10 – Joy System released:
New joy need added. Colonists want to have “joy”, which means anything that lets the stop working and enjoy themselves for a while.
Added joy sources:
Social relaxation around campfire or table, with or without beer
Horseshoes game
Television (purchasable)
Telescope for astronomy (purchasable)
Added armchair and dining chair
There are various kinds of joy. Repeated use of the same kind of joy builds up a tolerance, reducing its impact. Colonists will prefer joy sources they are not already tolerant to. Result: it’s beneficial to provide a variety of joy sources. 

Outfits system
New outfits manager system added. You can design ‘outfits’ (restrictions on what a colonist is allowed to a wear) and assign them to colonists in a central interface. Colonists will then independently work to find the best apparel possible given their outfit and the current season. They will automatically switch out damaged apparel for better apparel, or poor-quality apparel for high-quality apparel.
If the player manually assigns apparel, the colonist will never remove it until the manual assignment is cleared. 

Timetable system
New timetable system added. You can assign each colonist a daily timetable which describes when they should sleep, work, have joy, or decide on their own. 

Colonists can fall unconscious on their own if over-exhausted.
Reworked how melee verbs are selected so they’ll be selected with a bit more randomness. e.g. Someone with one scyther blade hand won’t use it exclusively; you’ll need to get them two if you want a true killing machine.
Beer can now be wielded as a weapon (like wood).
Passion flames are now displayed subtly on the work overview screen.
New end credits song from Al!
Reduced skill degradation rate.
Day length extended from 24,000 to 30,000 ticks. Days per month reduced from 12 to 10.
Hunters will now approach and execute downed animals at close range.
Reworked food search so it smoothly integrates information about food distance, taste, and psychological preference to get the most optimal food source.
Health tab now displays overall bleeding rate.
Starvation and blood loss are now staged and affect consciousness as they worsen.
Reworked how skills generate so there will be more initial skill variation and age affect starting skills more.
Rebalanced and reformatted plant ecology tunings to lengthen crop cycles and slow wild plant spread. Reworked plant growth in relation to light levels so plants can still grow slowly in dim light (e.g. tundra summers).
Pain now creates unhappiness.
String lists are now part of language data and can be translated.
Butcher table, sculptor’s table, and stonecutter’s table can now be made of various stuffs.
Trees are no longer sowable. Traders carry wood.
Characters will now sometimes resist arrest.
You can now set a minimum skill level on bills.
Visitors will now carry away wounded guests from their faction.
Hunted animals will occasionally fight back. Some animals always fight back.
Doctors now automatically rescue downed colonists.
Generalized toggle power interaction to ‘switch flicking’ and applied it to power switch toggling and door locking as well as building power on/off.
Many many other fixes, adjustments, and optimizations.

Hotfixed to Alpha9e
Changes include:
Reduced room temperature equalization rates.
Room walls that are two or more cells thick now equalize temperature slower.
Balanced sieges to be slightly weaker.
Various tuning adjustments to several thought mood effects.
Removed “buildings need power” alert as it is annoying to see it when a power switch is off.
Fixed a bug that corrupts savegames if you sell a statue that is marked to be installed.
While firefighting, colonists will now fight any fire they walk into.
Fixed a bug that caused non-prisoner beds to be set as prisoner beds on load.
Fixed a bug that froze wounded colonist prisoners if they were marked to get doctor care.
Fixed a bug that prevented prisoners from using nutrient paste dispensers in their cells.
Fixed a bug that caused temperatures indoors to sometimes become NaN (not a number).
Fixed a rare bug that prevented running a game that saved with some corrupted work priorities data. 

Changes in Alpha9c include: 

Fixed a black-screen-on-startup bug when playing with certain translations.
Fixed a bug that caused savegames to become unloadable.
Fixed a bug that caused binging people to never eat or sleep, leading to death.
Balance: Heaters and coolers are somewhat more powerful to match new heat loss mechanics.
Balance: Wind turbines are now much more powerful.
Balance: Adjusted frequency of tales so your statues aren’t all of people hunting and vomiting.
Updated translation content. 

Changes in Alpha9d include:
Fixed probability calculations so the game won’t constantly spam insane animals any more.
Fixed an issue that prevented Graphic_Collections loading mod content.
Raiders will no longer eat from players’ nutrient paste dispensers. 

Alpha9c - Tales ‘o’ Drinking released
Change list: 

Added hops growing, beer brewing, beer drinking, inebriated thoughts and ability impacts
Added special ‘binge’ mental breaks
Added teetotaler and chemical fascination traits
Added hangovers 

Tales and art
There are now three tiers of sculpture: small, large, and grand. Grand sculptures are 2×2 cells.
Sculptures now have generated descriptions of what they depict.
Sculptures will depict events that happened earlier in a colony’s life, include: killings, drunkenness,vomiting, landing in drop pods, artwork created, struck ore, person captured, person recruited, animal hunted, surgery done, someone was on fire, someone went psychotic, someone gave up
High-quality weapons have art engraved into them.
All weapons now have quality levels, including guns and bows. 

Old characters have gray hair and more fleshed-out old age illnesses.
Old characters tend to spawn with higher skills.
Since people don’t age in cryptosleep, characters now have both chronolotical age and biological age. Even animals and mechanoids have ages.
Dates are now relative to specific years. The game starts in 5500. 

New stuff
Personal shields added. These one-person shields block a certain amount of damage from ranged attacks and also prevent shooting out. Great for melee fighters.
Artillery shells are now needed by artillery cannons. Shells on the ground can explode. Siegers will come with shells to use to bombard you. Shells can be crafted at the machining table.
Added deterioration: items left outside for a very long time will deteriorate and eventually crumble away.
Surgery can fail now, sometimes catastrophically. Failure chance is related to the surgeon’s medical skill and the quality of the medicine.
You can now rescue incapacitated neutral people and heal them. Their faction will be appreciative.
Guns now have quality levels which affect accuracy.
Added Heavy SMG
Added psychic foil helmet
Added corn and rice crops.
Vomiting: Some diseases, drunkenness, cryptosleep sickness, and hangovers now cause people to vomit.
People can now get food poisoning. Bad cooks are more likely to accidentally poison meals.
Game now records total real playtime per colony.
Added ‘pause on load game’ option.
Many new sound effects from Alistair Lindsay for UI, work, and combat. 

Misc improvements
Deep optimization on various systems – especially AI. This should make big colonies run much more smoothly.
Added bad thought for wearing tattered clothes.
Apparel becomes damaged when owner dies from violence.
Apparel actually takes the damage it absorbs as armor.
Apparel wears out over very long periods of use.
Uranium ore now appears as a minable natural rock.
Colonists will now go to extinguish nearby fires even if someone else is already coming to do it.
Cryptosleep caskets are now sealed, come with warnings, and can contain deadly ancient defenders.
Reworked the ‘do until you have X’ option on bills; it now works for more bills and shows the number you currently have.
Eating now takes priority even over emergency work (doctoring, firefighting) if a colonist is starving.
Colonists, when hauling to stockpiles, always haul the max amount they can carry, and drop the extra nearby if the target cell can’t hold it all.
Reworked ship takeoff sequence into a proper whiteout with nice credits.
Player can no longer magically toggle power on any item. Rather, you designate power to be toggled and the colonists go do it.
Temperature now equalizes through both walls and roof/floor.
Lengthened day from 20,000 to 24,000 ticks. Shortened month to 12 days.
Reworked auto-tutor to rely more on passive alerts and less on in-your-face interrupting modal dialogs.
Colonists are now bothered by people walking around inside the room while they sleep.
People newly woken from cryptosleep have cryptosleep sickness for a while.
Wind varies over time (not just with weather changes), and so will the power output of wind turbines.
Fonts are now nicely antialiased.
Tons of other refinements, rebalancings, and bugfixes. 

Hotfix to Alpha8d/e 

Hotfix to Alpha8c

Mostly fixed some hard performance hitching that occurred when there were a lot of blueprints that lacked resources (usually when laying large amounts of carpet without enough cloth).
Surgically removing bionic parts from living people will now yield the removed part for reinstallation or sale.
The binding between workers and bills will no longer time out. This should eliminate problems with workers starting the same bill several times and ending up with multiple unfinished versions of the same item.
The ‘was imprisoned’ thought now has a greater effect on mood.
Fixed growers just standing there when there was a nearby growing job that was not accessible (e.g. a plant pot in a locked room).
Plant not growing now text uses the word ‘resting’ to clarify that the problem isn’t a lack of light. 

Alpha8b – hotfix 

Alpha 8. Change summary below:
Temperature and seasons
A new temperature system tracks temperatures indoors and outdoors.
Characters can get hypothermia, frostbite, heatstroke, or burns from being in extreme-temperature areas.
Certain clothing can protect against temperature discomfort/harm.
Temperature changes daily and on a yearly cycle according to where you are on the planet. There are distinct seasons.
There are special heat wave/cold snap events.
Added heater and cooler buildings.
Food spoils. This can be slowed or prevented with refrigeration.
Snow falls and accumulates over winter. It slows down movement.
Snow can be cleared manually, and will melt if heated.
New apparel: Parka and tuque.
Added new biomes: boreal forest and tundra 

Art and crafting
Sculptor’s table added. Colonists can create abstract sculptures.
Sculptures and melee weapons have a quality. Quality is influenced by crafter skill and affects beauty and damage.
Apparel crafting now allows crafting any kind of apparel.
Can now craft any kind of melee weapon from appropriate materials.
Created ‘unfinished thing’ step to crafting. Crafting can now take several days per item (as in the case of advanced weapons or art).
Added art trading. 

New content
New animals: elk, hare
New plants: pine tree, birch tree, moss, xerigium
Xerigium plants can be farmed and refined into herbal medicine.
New power plant: wind turbine.
New weapons: triple rocket launcher, doomsday rocket launcher.
New items: Glitterworld medicine, herbal medicine.
Alphabeaver event creates alphabeavers who will consume trees until stopped.
Ancient cryptosleep shrines now generate on the map. Open the cryptosleep caskets if you dare – the occupants may not be friendly.
Economy and trader stock generation reworked and rebalanced from the ground up.
Stats inspector allows inspecting more things in more places, and provides more, clearer info.
Several new songs from Alistair Lindsay.
You can now release prisoners. This gains you goodwill from their faction.
You can now configure your keyboard hotkeys.
Dozens of other fixes and improvements. 

Alpha7b – Balance hotfix 

Alpha 7. Change summary: 

Stuff system allows you to build walls, furniture, and other structures out of arbitrary materials.
New stats system for calculating and reporting thing stats from skill, race, stuff, and other factors.
There are now multiple types of stone: sandstone, granite, marble, slate, and limestone.
There are now multiple mineable minerals: metal, silver, gold, plasteel.
Leather harvesting from animals, and cloth harvesting from cotton crops. Special space-tech cloth types.
Make clothing from arbitrary fabrics or leathers.
Reworked damage deflection chance per-damagetype armor system. Some animals and mechanoids have natural armor.
New biome: tropical rainforest. A choking, disease-infested jungle. Disease rates are linked to biomes.
Prosthetic limbs, from simple to complex: peg legs, wood dentures, simple prosthetics, enhanced bionic limbs and eyes.
Organ harvesting and transplanting.
Diseases: flu, plague, malaria, sleeping sickness.
Chronic conditions (age-related): Cataracts, bad back
A bunch of new traits. Brawler, prosthophile, and more
New trade system and interface.
Traders carry and buy any item, including prosthetics, neurotrainers, organs, slaves, weapons, apparel, commodities.
Neutrotrainers: Matrix-style instant training devices.
Lockable doors
Melee weapons: Club, knife, spear, shiv, short sword
New animals: cobra, monkey, camel, tortoise, boar, rhino.
Storyteller redesigned and rebalanced.
Visitors carry their own food and hopefully won’t raid your food supplies.
Translations can be set to avoid using tiny text (useful for Asian languages where tiny characters are unreadable).
Rewritten credits system integrates translator credits from each translation automatically.
Piles of other additions, fixes, and tunings. 

A quick recap of improvements in Alpha 6: 

World generation added. You can now generate a world from a seed value and choose where to land your escape pods.
Biomes added. There are six biomes on the world map, but only three of them are implemented so far – desert, arid shrubland (the only choice, previously), and temperate forest.
Obviously, biomes have distinct animal and plant life which present unique challenges and opportunities.
Coastlines added. If you land on a seashore, your map will have a coastline in it (though it doesn’t do much, it’s fun to play on the beach.)
Medical system added. Instead of simply having hit points, characters, animals, and mechanoids have a body health tracker that records every wound and every body part and how they interact. Wounds will affect specific abilities, so someone with eyes burned out can’t shoot or do surgery well, and someone with leg wounds will move slow. Wounds can also become permanent if left untreated, or kill someone due to bleeding.
Pain level is tracked. A character in too much pain will become incapacitated.
Doctors and medicine now have a purpose! Your doctor will attempt to heal wounded colonists and prisoner (if the prisoner is marked to receive care). If there is medicine available, he will use it to increase the chance of giving quality care. Wounds treated with quality care are much less likely to become permanent.
Delicate body parts like brains or eyes usually end up with permanent damage when harmed.
Characters now have personality traits which affect gameplay! Enjoy playing with colonists who are lazy or hardworking, neurotic, psychically sensitive or deaf, bloodlusty, or nudist.
EMP weapons added. Useful for fighting mechanoids, and for enemies attacking your turrets.
Spacey new menu music from Alistair Lindsay. More in-game music and sound effects from Al added as well.
More translations added and existing translations updated.
Lots of other small improvements and dozens of bug fixes, as well as new bugs to discover! 

Alpha 5 balance hotfix 

You all knew a hotfix was coming! It’s like a tradition now! 

The good thing is that this isn’t a bug hotfix, but a balance one. I’d been hearing a lot of reports that the global psychic drone event – causing -25 to mood – was harming play. So until I can rebalance it, it’s disabled in Alpha5b. The crashed ship part event seen in the release video is still present. 

A quick recap of improvements in Alpha 5: 

Sieges added. Raiders will now sometimes besiege the colony by setting up a fortified position nearby and bombarding you until you die or come out to break the siege. Of course this also means there are now researchable and buildable mortar weapons – both explosive and incendiary.
Escape ship added. You can now, at great cost, build a ship to escape the planet if you wish.
Crashed ancient ship part incident added. Sometimes this bad boy will crash-land nearby and start emitting an ever-increasing psychic drone that slowly drives colonists insane. Attack it to make it stop, but beware its defenses.
New mechanoid type added – the scyther.
Many new sound effects from the illustrious Alistair Lindsay.
A new gear system allows changing out of clothing. Clothing now has basic effects, like reducing damage or movement speed.
There is now an info card you can view for most things in the game. For weapons, it shows statistics about damage, accuracy, and so on. For animals, it displays health, damage, meat amounts. Lots of other things can be inspected as well.
A game history tracker records the history of your colony in graphs of wealth, population, and happiness, as well as recording individual important events.
Game history is now uploaded automatically to our servers after an opt-in prompt is agreed to. This uploads your game history – the same one you see on your history graph – to us to help us balance future versions.
More translations added (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, others) and existing translations updated.
Language can now be switched by clicking the flag on the main game screen.
Lots of other small improvements. 

Thanks for the ongoing support everyone!

v.0.4.466 rev38082 от 08.06.2014
- Wood log and wood planks are now merged into one wood resource. This reduces pointless early-game busywork for colonists (sawmill work), and reduces confusion about exactly what kind of wood is needed to build what. I hope to bring back the wood/plank distinction in the future, but it will have to be part of a larger system where many objects can be constructed of different materials while still being the same object type. See this forum discussion.
- Storytellers balance has been redesigned. They now cue on different signals and will generally track against the player in a more entertaining way.
- Randy Random is no longer totally broken and unbeatable.
- Pila weapon is nerfed from 45 damage to 30 damage per hit.
- Stone wall health raised from 400 to 650.
- Animal insanity waves were broken and never occurred. They are now, again, part of the threat mix the storytellers will use against you. 

v.0.4.462 rev40408
- Alpha4b added the source code which is supposed to be included.
- Alpha4c fixed the storytellers, who had a bug that made them permanently placid instead of ramping up over long games. Now they will ramp up properly and eventually, probably, kill you. But hey, it’s all about the drama!
- Alpha4d lengthened the ramp-up time for challenge. It also adds a “need sawmill” alert to reduce confusion around the wood planks system.
- Alpha4e rebalanced the storytellers again in light of this poll. 

- Wood economy. Logs, sawing, planks, flooring, tree growing, and more.
- More stuff to research.
- Crematorium.
- Slag refinery.
- More map variation.
- Mechanoids raids.
- Tension music for combat situations.
- More songs for normal gameplay.
- Smarter AI storytellers that focus on wealth and let you recover from serious damage.
- Region system for better performance.
- Tons of AI and usability improvements to hunting AI, player tutor, alerts, etc.
APRIL 15 UPDATE: Silently updated to Alpha3f. This version fixes a bug that caused save games to sometimes fail to load. Alpha3f will break save compatibility from earlier versions. 

APRIL 13 UPDATE: Silently updated to Alpha3e with one minor fix. 

APRIL 12 UPDATE: Silently updated to Alpha3d. Fixes specified below. 

I’ve just uploaded Alpha3c, a slightly changed version which fixes a number of rare bugs that cropped up after the Alpha 3 release. 

Your savegames from Alpha 3 should still work (though you’ll have to copy the .rim files over to a Saves folder in the new install directory). 

The bugs fixed were:
- 633: Occasional crash on load associated with the TerrainGrid.
- 635: Performance killer associated with forbidden items under blueprints in certain conditions.
- 638: Game crashes if you load a map under 256 squares wide, then load one over 256 squares wide (flood fill and path grids not resetting their sizes).
- 636: Minor error message as pawns drop and tried to pick up created items at bill tables.
- 637: Warden/doctor loop when feeding incapacitated prisoner set to get no food.
- 504: Muffalos draw with wrong texture.
- 644: Pawn spaz loop when eating stackable food off the same square someone else is eating off of (e.g. corner of table).
- (Alpha3d) 656: Cooks don’t haul meals to stockpiles
- (Alpha3d) 646: New Colony button doesn’t work with special characters in folder path
- (Alpha3f) Fixed a bug causing savegames to fail to load. 

Sorry about asking you to update twice in two days three times in three days. We did a lot of testing with a good-sized test team, but it’s amazing what crops up when thousands of people get their hands on the game. I’m going to have to consider other test and development processes to try to avoid this kind of situation in the future.

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